me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 8 August 2011

De Briefing

Wrexel roared out a wake up call bright and early. We all shot out of our tents as if we were jet propelled...there is something about a dragons roar that moves you! He told us to get breakfast and then to gather together, he is going to tell us about Wozart, the Wozard, the Grand Dragon Wozier of Az...and about the secret code of the desert.

We wiped off the last of Hurley's camp breakfast kibble (Margaret and CC had the alternate selection for the day) and sat down in a semi-circle around Wrexel.  CC forgot himself, sat too close and got his feathers singed. Dragon talk can be quite dangerous for listeners!

Wrexel told us of Wozart's (etc.) powers...he can see the distant past and far into the future. He can transport himself anywhere and into any time....he is a time traveller....and even better.... he can take us with him on his journeys ...well if he wants to of course.   He speaks all animal languages and he can change his size and shape....he is always a dragon but he can be huge or small. He can cast spells and change animals from what they are to something completely a dog to a cat or a rooster to a pig!! the spells don't work on humans so Margaret will always be Margaret. Can you just imagine what this means???  He will not only be able to tell us where the Lost Dutchman's Mine is but he can take us back to the time the Dutchman found the mine!!  OMG.  Dusty said 'wait a minute...if we go back in time with the Dutchman HE will want the treasure'!  Dusty is so smart, I hadn't quite thought that through.

What this means gang is we will be able to set up Dog's Town in any time period we want. We can be in the Old Wild West or in the future....Tansy said 'Jumping Jehosophat' ...and we all had to is mind boggling. Then Hurley whispered to me ' what if they are tricking us'? Every body nodded.....I looked worried...but CC said 'for heavens sake why would they trick us'?  Good Point! We must be trusting and we must carry on.

Wrexel then told us that from now on we had to keep our location and our route plan secret. I am allowed to tell you of our general location but I have to leave out any detail that could identify how we find Wozart (etc.). Wrexel asked us to swear by the irrevocable code of the desert that we would never tell. We dogs raised our paws...Margaret her right hand and CC his claw.....we so Swore!

One can NEVER break the desert code.