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Friday, 29 July 2011

Camp Fire Tales

After a delicious meal of liver-flavoured kibble (CC caught a large spider for his dinner and Margaret has such a tiny appetite even though we urge her to eat more at every meal) we settled down to share stories and sing songs.

The dragons told of the land far away where Wozart (the Wozard........etc.) lives and of all the dangers of getting there. We will encounter Mountain lions, Javalenas, wolves, snakes, Jaguars (not the car) insects, and even plants that can eat you if they catch you! We will be up against searing heat and violent storms........and we can't forget that we may run into strange humans as well.

We digested this information with our dinner (it gave Dusty gas) and then we decided to tell a little bit about ourselves as we are going to be spending so much time together.

Wrexel our leader was a soldier of fortune in the Mexican Revolution. Dragons live for a very long time. He retired to Wozart's (the Wozard etc.) desert patrol many years ago where he spends his time training young dragons and guarding the route to Wozart's (the Wozard.....etc.) palace and rescuing people and animals daft enough to go out into the desert unprepared. He didn't want to tell us any more about himself....we could tell by the smoke coming out of his nose that he was getting edgy, so we moved on to Femme La Flamme.

Femme told us her real name is Wizteria. She would not tell her age. She had a very hard life and ended up on the streets of Nogales doing fire-eating tricks, like cooking Tamales and enchiladas with her breath for tourists! Wrexel happened to be on his way to a dragon convention when he spotted her. He told her to get on his bike, which she did, and now she is his dragon-lady but she uses a code name so no-one can find her.......she wants to leave her other world behind. I think there is more to her story than she is telling but she will trust us more in time.

Weezel @ and Weezel* are twins from a poor family. As they have no other opportunities they were very grateful to be recruited to the patrol by scouts who visit poor villages every year looking for volunteers. The work is hard, the hours long and the pay poor (it sounds like my regular job as a Plumber's Assistant) but they like it very much. They want to open their own welding shop when they have enough money.

We looked to Margaret next......she raised her eyebrows and wondered out loud if we were all mature enough to hear her story. Hurley, being younger, was filled with excitement at the possibility of hearing something racy! CC said, ' if you could see what goes on in a chicken run you would know nothing could be too much for me'! Tansy snorted and mouthed 'and then she woke her dreams'!! Dusty and I sighed mature dog sighs.

We all drew closer to the fire eyes on Margaret.

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