me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 1 July 2011

Witches (3)

I sort of staggered up the path to the Witches heart was beating, all four of my short legs were trembling. Mom and Margaret and Tansy stayed behind,,,,I was okay with that...I am the leader of this group after all!

I marched up to the house and banged on the door! I heard a croaky, sad old voice say 'come in'. So in I went. And there was an old woman all dressed in black sitting at a small wooden table in a lonely room. She had Summer captured in a net in front of her. Summer said to me...'Oh Robbie please help set me is Canada Day, the 1st of  July and nothing is growing..the gardens are starving for sun...School kids are sad....our world is cold.  So I said to Witchitakasumma...'what the heck are you doing with our Summer?  She answered...Robbie, no one asks me to be part of one invites me to BBQs and dances and parties. I am old and I am not pretty and everyone has forgotten me. I am not on anyone's list for fun...but in my heart, I am a young and I feel so lonely....and Robbie, my name is Priscinda!!

I knew in an instant that she was right! How easily we forget those of us who are not popular or young or handsome and how much they want and need to be part of our lives. I asked her if she would let Summer go if i promised to make all things Different a part of my life. She said 'YES"!  I hugged her and she hugged me back....and then I took her on a walk in my world.

I showed her my Salamander pond and my meadows....she laughed like a young girl and told me she knew norgarD well....she told me she could help me to call him from his muddy home and that she would like to be part of our lives.

I have found a new friend in Priscinda... our Summer is now free to warm us and stay with us through until Autumn visits.  And what I learned was..... Don't be afraid ...what you fear is most likely something just a bit different from yourself.....say hello to 'different' you may find a kindred spirit and true friend!

Wicked Witch of the West: What a nice little dog. And you, my dear, what an unexpected pleasure. It's so kind of you to want to visit me in my loneliness.
Dorothy: [singing] Somewhere Over The Rainbow, Bluebirds fly. Birds fly Over The Rainbow. Why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow, why oh why cant I?