me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Dance on Saturna

You are invited to the Dance we are having tonight on my Island. Saturna dances are will have fun.

Just about everyone living on the island comes out for a dance. The oldest dancer is 95 and the youngest barely able to walk. Mr. Music is our DeeJay.....he plays all the Oldies that make you feel like dancing.

The teenage girls wear their nicest clothes for the teenage boys.
The little kids jump up and down and twirl around til they are dizzy. Moms and DODs smile at each other and act like they are young again.
The guys hang around outside being cool and swapping guy stories.

We dogs are not allowed inside but we all race around outside and play dog games. We bark and roll around in the grass and the humans think we are so cute.

The music gets louder and then it gets slower......the little kids fall asleep. We dogs curl up by our cars and wait for moms and DODs to come out and bring us left-overs.

Then we hear the call for "last dance' and 'good nights' echo all around. As we drive home we say 'wasn't that the BEST dance' ever!

I hope to see YOU there.