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Monday, 18 July 2011

Our Quest

Hurley's Angels Gang (and other curious persons) want to know what in Dog's name we are doing in the AZ desert in the middle of summer trying to find Wozart the Wozard? Good Question!

Wozart the Wozard as Grand Wozier of the Desert Dragons knows everything.....he will be able to tell us where to find The Lost Dutchman's Gold mine hidden deep in the Superstition Mountains. I know it is near Apache Junction and I have it on good authority (I also get a lot of bad authority but I discount it) that it is protected by Guardian Spirits who are very powerful and who will do ANYTHING to keep the location secret.

I don't want to name my sources, but I have seen a very crude map of the mine area in the possession of a coyote cousin (three times removed) of mine who traded it to an old prospector for a prairie chicken dinner. (Sorry CC I know that hit a little close to home!) I committed the map to memory and swore an oath not to divulge cousin Dorito con Queso's name to anyone but the Gang.

I read on Wikipedia that over 6000 people have tried to find the treasure....none have made it.....and several lost their lives in trying! The Gang know this is a dangerous mission but they are up for it.

With the treasure we are going to start a 'Dog's Town', a place where every dog will have a forever home. Of course we will have good humans there and Guinea Roosters, and Dragons......and maybe, just maybe, no promises....CATS!

So we need Wozart the Wozard to help us with the map and we will his need help to know what sort of guardian spirits we will have to face.....we may have to learn magic 101! I know Tansy knows Spells so she will be a natural for this job.

I just had a thought......what if Wozart the Wozard only speaks Dragish and Spanish!! Who is bi or tri-lingual??

And another thought....Margaret and Tansy, are you girly-girls afraid of spiders and snakes?

Dusty and Hurley, are you good at picking up scents and tracking??

Uh just looked over my shoulder and said those questions were chauvinistic (I am not sure what that means) and sexist (sounds suggestive to me) I will reverse the questions; T&M are you good at picking up scents and tracking ....and ....D&H are you scared of snakes and spiders?? Oh heavens....just tell me what your talents and scaredies are.....okay??

Next step.....find the Dragon Patrol.

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