me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Hurley's Angels Gang - Setting Off

We are meeting up to day to set off on our very first adventure in the desert.  Our gang consists of Margaret and Tansy, Dusty and Hurley, Chick-Chick (CC) and me, Robbie. We are setting off in the extreme heat because the radio- man says it is supposed to rain today, one of those wild monsoon storms.

We are off on an adventure to find the Wozard of Az. Wozart the Wozard is the Grand Wozier of all Desert Dragons. He is magical and powerful…he breathes fire (which is very dangerous at this time of year and causes forest fires. I see ‘no fires’ signs everywhere …Wozart is obviously one of those anti-government dragons). That is why we are hoping for rain…..I know Tansy will not be happy, she hates the ‘wet-head’ look…but a fire-breathing dragon is much less fierce in a monsoon downpour!

The Desert Dragon Patrol has offered to give us rides up into the mountains where Wozart lives. Their eyesight is not good and we have to constantly be on the lookout for critters and giant insects..but CC is a world-class aerial reconnaissance Guinea Hen Rooster and he is going to ‘fly up with the hens’ so to speak and keep us informed every step of the way.

Desert Dragons have two-humps like camels, and they too can go for days without drinking…..they can fly if they have to as well, which may come in handy. We will ride tandem on the Dragons….Margaret and Tansy on one. It will have to be a low model for Margaret or we will see if they have a side-car model which she may find more comfortable. Dusty and Hurley on a V-8 model ( Velocity 8 for flying) and myself and CC on a six-gear sport model. CC will probably be on the Dragon’s head for much of the time with eyes peeled on the horizon. He will fly up and down as he needs doing double duty on ground reconnaissance. We will travel abreast as much as the terrain allows as Tansy has issues being behind Males…when single file is necessary she can go first!

We have Doctor Livingstone Pith helmets and Doggles (Margaret has sun glasses). I have packed lots of water and drinking bowls, I can’t manage those weird bottles…and I have a very good supply of food. I do hope Margaret and CC like Bacon and Liver Kibble.  I think the Gang should bring a sweater or coat for the desert night cold. I have three Pup-Tents for us to sleep in….the roomy kind that let you sleep on your back with all four paws in the air (Margaret, you will be okay I am sure).

Okay Gang….are we ready???