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Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Catalogue of Hurley's Angels Gang's Skills

As leader of this expedition I have taken stock of the skills we have as a group. I must say we really are a motley crew.......such a diverse talented lot, all chosen with care for our quest of finding The Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine.

Margaret: - Octogenarian High Priestess ; good with a gun ( to be used for scaring marauding gangs of critters); jam-maker (we will hunt and gather wild things if circumstances warrant and Margaret can make jam on the trail); herbalist; translator of animal to human language (with British accent); human spokesperson.

Tansy: - efficient in casting of minor spells (you never know when you might have to zap someone/something while on a Quest) Royal lineage for dealing with high Mucky-Mucks; negotiator; noise maker (when combined with CC will scare a devil out of his den); acting adorable (for leading suspected banditos off track).

Hurley: - Tracker extraordinaire; picker-upper of all scents including food; runner (in circles if required) he will run all errands; energetic with positive outlook; food taster for group ( especially of jam); finder of best camp spots; digger of holes for burying evidence of being there.

Dusty - Patience and wisdom; kindness and understanding; good story-teller; will keep everyone on track and mitigate mistakes of haste; Sage advice giver; arbitrator; historian (very knowledgeable of indian and Dragon laws and legends).

Chick-Chick - Scouting; eagle-eyes; excellent sense of direction; flying skills; noise maker (see Tansy for combination) stand-up comedian; smooth talker in tight situations; fast thinker; bug-eater; speaks Spanish and Dragonian.

Me-Robbie - extreme leadership skills; techno-nerd with BlackBerry; keeper of the vision and staying on the 'path'.....Da Man!

In addition to this vast array of talent we have all of our friends on Twitter and Facebook. I know they will always be there to offer advice and counsel. They are as close as my BlackBerry and I have saved all their addresses in my Contacts. All I need is a place to plug in my charger and connectivity.....this may be a challenge!!!

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