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Friday, 15 July 2011

Margaret & Tansy

I have two wonderful facebook friends.... Margaret and Tansy.

Margaret is a jam-manufacturing entrepreneur (amongst other things that I will tell you about in other Blogs) of 88, and Tansy a mature dappled silver dachsund of impeccable lineage. They live on an Island not too far from mine.... and even though we have never met in person we have become good friends.

Margaret is a rebel and a real challenge for Tansy to keep under control. Tansy has a bit of a caustic tongue and Margaret is often on the receiving end of Tansy's pithy comments.....all meant of course for Margaret's 'own good' to keep her from becoming totally unruly.

Margaret and Tansy accompany me on my adventures on the Farm. We chat with norgarD at the Salamander pond(Tansy keeps her distance) and we visit with Priscinda, the Witch.....Tansy says "years of living with one has rendered her immune to spells'!

I am going to invite them to Tubac when I go there in the Fall. I want Margaret and Tansy to meet Dusty and Hurley.... together we will form our little Gang of Hurley's Angels and we will ride off into the desert on our quest to find Wozart, the Wizard of AZ!

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