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Saturday, 16 July 2011

The Desert

Something has gone wrong with our Summer. I thought I had the Witch Who Stole Summer under control...but the minute my back was turned she returned to her old tricks of stealing our sunshine.

I really want to join up with my friends Margaret, Tansy, Dusty and Hurley and visit Priscinda again (this time we will not leave until she casts her spell to give us back Summer) but I am on the job every day as the Plumber's Assistant and not on the Farm where she I listen to mom tell me about the desert heat where she is visiting.

It was 107 Fahrenheit today in says that is worse than being cold and rainy on Saturna. She says when it is cold we can light the fire and put on our warm clothes (I have a very warm and stylish coat) and go out for walks. When it is as hot as it was today in the desert, all you can do is stay inside where it is cool! We hairy critters suffer the worst as our coats are not detachable ....and I know I would look ridiculous shaved......(you should just see some of the 'Summer Do's' here...I would rather fry!)

So maybe, cold and rainy is better if we have only one choice for our summer it? Do you agree with mom??? Or should Hurley's Angels track down Priscinda when I get back to the Farm and show her the error of her ways?

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