me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 14 July 2011


I think I am going to like spending time in Tubac, it sounds like a nice town. This is how mom described it to me:

The streets are wide and dusty and lined with art galleries, gift shops, pottery shops and boutiques. There is a wonderful Market where they sell tasty Deli and fresh produce, meat and fish. The Market also has gourmet dog treats....(this is a sign of a civilised comment).

She told me people are friendly and wave at you just like on Saturna. One of the Pottery places is only a open a couple of days a week but the owners leave all their wares outside with a note on the shop door to 'help yourself and put the money through the mail-slot'. How wonderful is that??

I think it will be a dog-friendly place when the weather cools a bit....right now all creatures are indoors out of the heat. There is a park just down the street from our house and green space and the Anza Trail in the back of our house. Mom says she will not let me out alone because of coyotes and snakes and other desert 'meanies'......but I am open to making friends.

I wonder if Desert Dragons are very different from Pond Dragons? I wonder if they are shy like nogarD? NogarD says they are cousins of his but he has never met them. They don't live in ponds they build adobe shelters in the shade of big Cacti and they lie around swishing their tails and practising snorting smoke rings!. I think when they get to know me they will not have a problem giving a small white dog a ride on their backs into the mountains where the Dragon Wizard lives.......the Wizard who knows all the secrets of the desert! His name is Wozart!

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