me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Homeland Security

Morning has broken like the first morning…CC has cock-a-doodled like the first bird.

We had a good nights rest and we are on our way (again) to find the Dragon Patrol. I have my GPS programmed for Wal-Mart, Tucson; Hurley is also programmed, so we should not have any problems today!

Our first challenge will be getting through the Border Patrol on the highway leading to Tucson. Every vehicle heading north is subject to searches and questioning of occupants. Border guards are searching for illegal immigrants, but as we are on foot, I am not anticipating any major problems. We all have I.D. and valid dog licenses….well except Margaret and CC…and to tell the truth mine has expired!!

So here we are arriving at the check-point. Wow…Hey…there are signs saying “Working Dogs”…we are going to be fine!  A good looking German shepherd came up and introduced himself…said his name was Hugo. Tansy was batting her eye-lashes like mad at him and he was lapping it right up.  Margaret spoke with the human officer; he wanted to know who we were and where we were going.  Of course we knew better than to tell him of our true quest…so we told him we were going to Wal-Mart in Tucson (which is the truth – it is a good idea to always tell security guards the truth!)

Hugo was a having a bit of difficulty with CC. He speculated that CC was an alien of some kind…..It didn’t help that CC was flouncing his feathers and mincing around like Lady Gaga; Security Dogs are not into that kind of thing! Fortunately, Hugo was too smitten with Tansy to pay much attention to CC, and after getting Tansy’s license number for future reference we were cleared. PHEW!

We were all wondering just how many miles we would have to travel in the heat when a HUGE motor home pulled along side us and the driver asked if we wanted a ride. DID WE WANT A RIDE??  We all jumped into the motor home and before the driver could say ‘Wal-Mart’ we were heading down the highway to Tucson. 

The inside of this modern gypsy caravan was amazing…so luxurious and roomy. We stretched out on comfy sofas and watched TV. Hurley checked the Bar and Fridge for snacks and cold drinks and served up a great spread. I connected to the internet and let Scribe and mom know we were okay. The bathroom facilities were good and best of all – it was air conditioned!

Margaret sat up front with the Driver talking human talk. He told her his name was Billy Joe Bob but he was asking a lot of questions and to put him off Margaret told him that we were a troupe of circus performers on our way to meet up with the rest of our Hi-Wire act in Phoenix. He looked absolutely shocked; he must never have seen circus performers before!!!

Of course, I was not born yesterday and I knew he may well be a ‘bad guy’ trying to find out about the Dutchman’s Lost Gold Mine from us…so Dusty and I had a private conversation in dog Latin…Dusty said we should take a chance and let him at least take us to Wal-Mart where we could buy a gun for Margaret. Dusty is very smart. 

To be continued......