me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A False Start

Okay Gang, our first task is to find the Dragon Patrol.  I know their base camp is north towards Tucson, unfortunately, we will have to journey on foot until we find them!  Yes, I tried to get a Taxi but when the driver saw us he took off yelling in Spanish….something about ‘what is the world coming to’…  I think…and besides, we don’t have enough money for a long ride into Dragon territory!

We will have to go on foot. 

Margaret and Tansy you can lead the way. CC would you mind sitting atop Margaret’s hat…she is the tallest and that way you can see the horizon. Margaret, please don’t pay any mind to Tansy….everyone will think it is a stylish chapeau on your head!

Hurley, will you try and pick up the scent? 

…..And away we go!

We have been travelling for a couple of hours…just a minute Gang; I think we have passed these same trees and this same path a few times already?? Dusty, what words of wisdom do you have? ….’WENEED A MAP’!!  OMG, I think Dusty is right…we are going in circles!

Only an hour or so into our Quest and I have Mutiny to deal with. Tansy is hungry, Margaret says her feet hurt, Hurley is dizzy from running in smaller and smaller circles, Dusty needs a rest and CC is fed up of Margaret swatting him with her cane and telling him to quit squawking!.  And, if I don’t have enough to cope with, it is starting to rain! And Thunder! Wind blowing and Lightning flashing all around!! We are going to get caught in a desert storm!!
I have never seen such big rain drops in my life…. The water is almost three inches deep and it has only been raining for three minutes…Yikes, Tansy and I have only four inch legs…..good heavens we may have to swim!!! Okay Gang RUN/FLY FOR HOME as fast as you can go!

Meanwhile back at the house, it is after dinner and everyone is dry and full. Hurley served up some good grub after pronouncing it free from poisons of any kind and fit for us all to eat….. we are sitting around the table working on plan B for tomorrow. 

Okay, I didn’t think it through today….I didn’t turn on my BlackBerry because I was worried about roaming charges. Too bad….mom will have to pay until we find the treasure.  I have GPS and I can program it to Dragonia. I have to expect there will be problems along the way and I have to deal with them…that is what leaders are for! I have to rely more on my Gang and ‘delegate’ responsibility….no use having a group with skills if I don’t use them. 

I think false starts can be a good thing. They give you a chance to start again and do it right. We are off to bed early as we want to be on the road by day break tomorrow and we have to get through Homeland Security!