me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 23 July 2011


So, there we were in the parking lot…I wasn’t sure what to do next, when CC called down from his perch atop a lamppost ‘Here comes Billy Joe Bob’...Sure enough there was our palace-on-wheels taxiing into the handicapped spot (I won’t go there). BJB had been to fill up with gas and re-stock his bar and fridge. 

He opened the door to the rig and called down to Margaret “Hey, Sweet Cheeks I’m waiting fer yuz”. Thank Dog the gun was not loaded! Tansy made a rude noise to which BJB took offence to …but Dusty explained Tansy had a medical condition that made her do such things….sort a canine Tourettes. Things were smoothed over and we climbed aboard.

Then came the tricky part…BJB was convinced we were a Hi-Wire Act circus troupe heading to Phoenix, when really we need to get into the foothills of the Superstition mountains to find the Dragon patrol…Hmmmmm……all eyes were on me….I looked at Dusty – Dusty looked back. Dusty looked at Hurley….Hurley looked at CC. CC looked at Tansy and Tansy looked at Margaret. It was clear we were in deep Doo-Doo. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive (Shakespeare …I think)

After a minute or two Margaret lit up like a Christmas tree…she had the answer! She told BJB that she was a tad mature for those skimpy hi-wire outfits, that she had been asked to join a Wild West Show as an Annie Oakley Act and that she needed target practise in the desert. BJB said ‘whatever you want Sweet Cheeks’….’can we ditch the mongrels and the turkey’??   We all growled and showed our teeth (yes, Margaret and CC too) and BJB took it as a NO.

We were off to the foot hills.

The Gang played Monopoly while we rode along. Tansy kept cheating and placing her little icon wherever she wanted it to be so she could buy railroads and hotels. CC insisted on being the banker and yelling at the Gang ‘Do not pass Go…Do Not collect $200.00…go to jail’!!  Hurley ate four of the little houses before he realised they were not treats. Our friendly game quickly degenerated into a squabble and Dusty packed up the board and what was left of the pieces and put them away.  CC wants to try Poker next, just like in those cool paintings of card-playing dogs. He told us he had seen one painting with a Guinea Rooster cleaning up on the money and Poker Chips!!

Meanwhile, BJB was chatting up Margaret who was looking more peevish by the minute. She glared at us from her front seat. I mean is it OUR fault she is the only one who speaks human? There is something about that guy that makes my hackles rise…I don’t know what it is but I will sure be glad to dump him. And speaking of which, Dusty and I are working on a plan.

CC has spotted smoke rings in the distance! It is the desert Dragon Patrol! They are sending us code messages on their location. You know, everyone thinks it was the Native Indians who used smoke signals to send messages to each other but it was really these desert Dragons. Sadly, it is a skill which is disappearing fast….the young dragons would rather communicate on Twitter than stoke the smoke. All those anti-smoking campaigns have ruined their feelings of self-worth and they just lie around all day Tweeting on their BlackBerry’s and IPads.

BJB stop this Motor Home!  We are getting out here…….Gang get ready to disembark!!!

To be continued......