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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Foothills - There be Dragons

Dusty and I laid our 'get away from BJB plan' out to Margaret. She is a real trooper that girl ....without batting an eye she laid her hand on BJB's knee....leaned over and told him he was just about the best man she had met since her 4th husband and that she wanted him, BJB, to be the next Daddy to her seven kids. She told him they were great kids (no matter what people said) why right at this moment they were taking care of Tansy's twelve pups, all the stray cats, four pigs and three hamsters!

BJB cleared his throat several times and said he just remembered he already had a wife in Utah....maybe even more than one....and he had to leave immediately! He got that motor home out of there faster than a speeding bullet!!

We all sat down and had a good laugh....well except for Tansy who wanted to know how anyone could possible think SHE had given birth to twelve puppies?? Couldn't we see her great figure and on and on and on!!

We are close now.....the smoke rings tell us five hills to cross.

So we push on. We try singing but our throats soon dry out. It is so very hot. CC sings us a tune of rivers, and trees and the green, green grass of home. We are weary and we think of Scribe and Pop and mom and DOD. We all have a lump in our throats.........sniff.....sniff.....

WAIT! Hurley has picked up their scent....he is twirling like a Dervish! CC sees them now!! There they are......I see them too.....laid beside the Cacti...tails swishing, creating dust devils.

But Oh.....I am so surprised!! I know Dragons can fly....why do they all have Harley's lined up and waiting for us??

Does this make us Hurley's Harley's Angels ???

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