me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 28 July 2011

There Be Dragons (2)

Through the wonders of cyber-space  I am back in the desert with the Gang.

I will tell you about the Dragons. They are about six feet long with glittery red scales. They have wings and fingers and toes. I took a photo so you could see them for yourself. Some have tattoos on their chests that say things like ' I fire on all cylinders'...and ' My pilot light is always lit'! They look like you would not want to mess with them.

We are going to spend a night or two with the patrol before we set off to find Wozart the Wozard the Grand Wozier of the Dragons. Dusty, Hurley and Margaret have ridden before, but Tansy and I have to get some practice in. CC will ride on Dragon wings once they get used to him...and HE learns to keep away from their fire-breathing nostrils.

 Hurley is getting our Pup tents ready. Dusty told him to be sure not to put them too close to these fellows. I don't think we brought smoke alarms.

One of the dragons has just asked if Tansy is a Sausage Dog. Does anyone know what these guys eat???

Four of the patrol will accompany us on our quest. Our leader is Wrexel, he is a mature dragon who has spent most of his life in the desert. He is a bit crusty and looks mean with his black bandanna with skull and cross-bones...but I think he is just putting on the style! We have a lady dragon member....she has a code name of Femme La Flamme. She is very sexy looking, wears high boots with spurs and calls Hurley 'Dahling'....he is twirling like a Dervish he is so smitten. Two younger brothers round out the Patrol...Weezle @ and Weezle *. All dragon names have to start with a 'W' out of respect for Wozart so parents run out of names and use symbols to tell the kids apart.

We will sit around the camp fire tonight. It gets cold at night in the desert but we will not have to worry about lighting a fire. Margaret is going to tell us stories and teach us songs to sing on our long quest; How Much Is The Doggie In The Window; The Owl and The Pussy Cat; Old MacDonald (we will each make different farm animal noises) and to make the Dragons sentimental, Puff The Magic Dragon. The dragons are going to tell us of the legends and tales of Wozart and the Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine. CC will do a comedy routine to make us laugh....he is so good at accents.

Then to bed. My home seems far away and I know that secretly we are all a bit afraid of what is waiting for us out there!