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Sunday, 10 July 2011

BIG Critters

Just when mom thought she had seen everything in Tubac a herd of huge long-horned cattle strolled down the street and went right by the house. She and DOD were worried thinking the cattle had escaped from a nearby farm. They rushed to tell the neighbours about the herd of BIG critters helping themselves to the plants in the front yards.

The neighbours gave them pitying looks and told them 'this here is free-range country y'all....cattle have the right to roam.....if you don't want them in your fence it'!! Can you imagine??
Mom and DOD said 'oh yes, of course...we understand'..... and they went back home, picking their way through the cow patties, feeling discombobulated ( I like that word!)

This is a very civilised place......animals RULE....YES!!

Please send me any items on desert information and appropriate behaviour that I can pass along to mom and DOD.
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