me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 9 July 2011


Who could have known that it would be wetter in Arizona than on Saturna??

It clouds over and rains EVErY afternoon! And not only that, but the wind blows the rain sideways .....and the sky is black and scary with booms and flashes of light. My mom tells me these things and she is confused! She thought being in the desert meant DRY.....not so. Right now it is wet and humid.....and all those things that hid away from the heat? Well they are out and looking for dry places to visit for a while!!

I have to tell you that mom is a Wuss! She is nervous of insects, reptiles the scaly, the hairy and the multi-legged. Several 'things' ran into the house today because mom and DOD were daft enough not to close the door properly. Geez Lueez....not exactly brilliant are they?

Between me and Dusty and Hurley we have to educate these two FAST!!!

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