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Monday, 11 July 2011


Harvey is our Island Plumber and my second Dad. He is turning sixty five today.....but he still looks young! He is tall and thin... maybe just a bit stooped now. He wears glasses to see up-close and he still has lots of hair and he hums when he works.

Harvey fixes all sorts of plumbing for island people as well as their internet. I know it is a strange combination but it works with Harvey. He also knows everything about local birds and plants and animals as well as the local history of births, deaths and marriages and divorces.... and.... who lived in what house and when.

Harvey has a white van that he never worries about keeping clean. Even when I have rolled in Otter poo he let's me sit on the passenger seat beside him.....and lots of times he let's me sit on his knee while he drives. Harvey and Pam dog-sit for lots of people and Harvey takes us ALL in the van.....

I go on every job site with him and he never puts me on a leash! If I misbehave he says 'Robert' and that is it!! Sometimes he forgets me at a job site but he always comes back to get me before too long! I am his SENIOR assistant and his friend.

Anyway, I wanted you to know about Harvey.

Happy Birthday Dear Harvey,

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