me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 24 June 2011

Birthday Eve

Tomorrow is my birthday so that makes today my Birthday Eve. I like 'Eves'...Christmas Eve and mid-summer nights Eve...they have a special feel to them. I am planning what I will do on my Birthday Eve.

I will do all my usual patrolling my property and checking for Otters. I will have my regular walk with DOD....maybe have an extra treat...then have my regular walk with mom. I will chase birds and bark for a while....I will go to the store with DOD and let all the people hug me.   I may ask for a dish of ice cream.... I am sure mom will let me have ice cream for my Birthday Eve. I will check out the Salamander pond and look for norgarD....But what can I do that will be 'special'?

I am going to keep thinking about it. Maybe you can give me some ideas on how a mature DOG can spend his Birthday Eve!