me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

A Wayward Wind

There is a very strange wind at my house. It started up last night about 10.00pm.

I went out for my last check on the property and my last pee before bed when I heard the wind roaring. I heard it, but I could not feel it! I am not kidding...the wind was howling over the ocean but there weren't any waves and the trees weren't moving.

I called Mom and DOD to come out. They heard it too. Mom said it had to be something other than wind making the noise ...DOD said it was definitely wind whether we could feel it or not (DOD is an expert on most things).

If you remember there was a SUPER Moon last night and everything was shimmery and bright and easy to see.  I could see as plain as day but there was no movement anywhere, only noise. Mom said maybe it was a tsunami, ha ha!!  Oh Great! We live right on the ocean and I don't like water....such a comforting thought to go to bed with.

So I went to bed and listened to the noise for awhile and then the wind did start to blow and I felt the breeze on my fur and went to sleep.

This morning everything was normal until Me and Mom went out on our walk. I heard the wind again! And again the trees were still and quiet...but then... one Arbutus tree shook like a wet dog and hundreds of dry leaves fell on Me and Mom. We sped up on the trail and headed toward home as fast as we could (which is not anything like Olympic track speeds) but half-way home on the side of the road a little shrub started waving at me!

The little shrub was waving its branches and leaves frantically trying to get my attention. All the other bushes and trees were still! How could this be?? No use asking Mom I didn't want to hear anymore of her ideas on what was causing these things, (she can have very strange and spooky ideas at times), so I took matters into my own paws. I calmly walked over and peed three times on the shrub....It quit waving!!

I still don't know what caused this strange phenomenon (good word huh?) but I do know now how to deal with it. I bet if Me and DOD had peed in the ocean last night it would have quieted right down.

Have you ever had this sort of thing happen at your house??