me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

War Horse

The full moon was awesome! There is nothing quite like a desert moon....we stumbled along the dusty trail each thinking our own thoughts...wondering what lay ahead , and in some ways wishing the journey could last for ever.

Well it didn't! And there we were at the gates of the Mission.

The grounds and old buildings looked so eerie in the moonlight and we all moved closer together in case spirits were out and about on the night of the full moon. Lacey started to howl for Mom. Actually, I think we ALL wanted to howl for our Mom's but we were too afraid to look like sissies.

We walked around and I told the gang of the old Apache legends of full moon raids...they were not amused.  We checked out the crumbling buildings and tried to read the old weathered grave stones. Tansy said 'okay, what now'? the others nodded....Lacey whimpered.

I had no idea!

You know there is nothing worse than being a leader when your Gang is in a mutinous mood. I mean, how was I supposed to know what to do next? Margaret suggested we sit down and wait ....we did. And we waited....And we waited. How disappointing.

We tried singing a hymn but we were tired and fed up. I called a paw circle and we sadly voted to return home...

And then we saw him on his pony! An Indian warrior  in full war dress, which was  no dress at all except for a breech cloth and moccasins - and his face and whole naked body were stained in lots of bright colors in a most exotic way.  In his long black hair he wore eagle feathers, and of course he wore two or three necklaces of beads and wampum.

There was nothing unusual about the pony he was riding it was the sort of Indian pony you see in movies, but he was leading his war horse - a big, beautiful, pure white animal, one of the most beautiful I had ever seen..

The Indian had  painted his war horse with the same colors and patterns as himself.  He had fastened feathers in the horses long heavy mane and the long glossy tail was roped and fastened at the top with red streamers that hung to the ground.

WOW!  We were speechless (even Tansy).

He stared at us.
I  whispered to the Gang that he must be from the past....they don't let people walk around Arizona almost naked in these days (except at Walmart).