me, Saturna Robbie

Monday, 14 January 2013

Welcome New Gang Members

Many thanks to all the furiends who applied to be on our Gang. We sat down and went through the applications and decided to give Blue and Inka a chance to have adventures with us. This is what their Mom had to say about them:

" Inka and Blue would like to apply. Blue is wise and experienced, and willing to defer to the majority--a peacemaker. And Inka is young--but not too young, friendly and gregarious, an excellent swimmer and conversationalist.both want to fight evil and be heroes. We get along with cats[mostly], have intimate knowledge of witches [mostly the good kind], have lived with a dragon, and have a gnome, a fairy and a Green Man living in our garden. And our beloved Mum is willing to grant us a leave of absence, as long as we come when called in an emergency".

 Blue and Inka live on Galiano Island , the same place as Margaret and Tansy.  We are four Island dogs now..... well Me and Lacey are summer island dogs and winter Arizona pooches.

We also had applications from other sorts of CATS! Hmmmm......I am still thinking that one through!

So now we have to get together in Tubac and bring Blue and Inka up to speed for our first adventure together. It has been very cold here but it is supposed to warm up by Friday....we all agreed we should wait for warmer weather. In the meantime Margaret is going to teach Blue and Inka some of our favourite hymns and how to harmonize. I am going to clue them in on Javelinas and Coyotes, snakes and spiders. Tansy is going to discuss appropriate dress codes with Inka ....and Lacey is going to advise them how to get back to Mom in an emergency!!

I think we are going to have good times. Do you think we should let a CAT into our Gang?