me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wanted! Gang Members .....

It is very difficult to sit and wait for the phone to ring or my BlackBerry to beep. We just can't understand why such Internationally famous adventurers are not in hot demand! Be that as it may ....we are not the type of Gang to put up with it for long!  And if adventures don't come to us then we will go to the adventures!

I called the Gang together and there they were at my house in just a few seconds thanks to magic and technology.

The first thing we did (after we all hugged and sniffed) was to sit and have a really good chat about Gang members. We have lost Chick-Chick and Dusty over the past year and none of us are getting any younger. I carefully broached the subject of New Blood! It proved to be a difficult topic. The girls didn't want a young cute gal joining us. Me and Hurley DID!  Me and Hurley didn't want a young guy strutting his stuff...Margaret, Tansy and Lacey DID! The only point we could agree on was that Margaret would remain our only human!

So, in true democratic style we had a paw circle and agreed to post the positions for one girl dog or other animal and one boy dog or other animal. Here is the list of requirements we came up with:

Age not a consideration. All colours, breeds or even species may apply, we are an equal opportunity Gang. Prior adventure experience an asset. Will accept an inexperienced adventurer who can endure hard training so that he/she can become a hero one day. No fighting and no biting unless absolutely necessary.Must believe in magic, be on the side of good and be willing to fight evil and save animals and humans. Previous knowledge of elves, trolls, wizards, witches and dragons a definite asset. Good sense of direction. Good singing voice.

If you think you qualify as an adventurer please send your CV to and tell us why you think you would be an asset to our Gang. We will respond to all applicants.