me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

In The Dead of Night....

We trooped along the mountain trails in the pitch dark singing and laughing. I really didn't have a clue where we were going or what we were going to do...I like the Universe to decide on our adventures for us.


Lights shining in our eyes! Lights swirling around us. Red lights, blue lights, sirens. Lights everywhere!
Border Patrol Cars...Sheriffs....Dogs...guns!

OMG we had been spotted by Homeland Security...they thought we were illegals trying to sneak into the country!!

Border Patrol guards leaped out of their cars and yelled at us to FREEZE and DROP OUR WEAPONS! Margaret dropped her cane and Hurley dropped a stick he had been carrying. We lifted up our arms and paws....not easy for me and Tansy with our four inch legs. And Lacey can't stand on her hind legs to save her soul she is just too know!

The dogs (Tansy and Inka were so taken with a big German Shepherd in uniform I had to growl at them to stop flirting with him) came and sniffed us. We asked what was going on. The dogs replied that they were not allowed to chat with suspected aliens. Aliens? Us/The Gang? Lacey started to howl!

The Guards asked Margaret if she had any documents....luckily she had her Canadian passport and we all had our up-to-date rabies tags. They wanted to know what we were doing sneaking around in the dead of night. We all started yapping and barking and telling them how we stood for law and order on the side of GOOD.  One of the guards said if we didn't stop that racket he would shoot the whole works of us! EEK!  Lacey howled louder than ever (I made a note to self to get her a muzzle if we survived).

I kept thinking of how Inka and Blue's Mom was going to kill me for getting her dogs into such a mess on their very first adventure.

Margaret asked the guard if there was a law against going for a stroll at night. The guard replied  no, there was no law prohibiting night walking ...but you would have to be mad to do it! Margaret informed him in her most authoritative voice that Canadians did it ALL the time...hey!  He rolled his eyes and told us to get the hell  out of there before he arrested us as VAGRANTS. Yes VAGRANTS!

Well, we were relieved to escape without further ado and went straight home and woke up Mom and DOD by barking, yelling and pounding on the door. They were not as happy to see us as I would have liked. Maybe because we had only been gone three hours!

And so we all went to bed...we will have a paw circle tomorrow and come up with a daytime adventure plan.

It is not always easy being an adventurer....sometimes it is downright dangerous.