me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Once upon a desert night....

Blue and Inka arrived on schedule. We gave them a fast run through on life in Tubac Arizona...then because it is so cold and because we were fed up with the weather...and because Margaret said we had to...we headed out on a new adventure! No plans...just a desire to do good in the world and to be of service.

We initiated Blue and Inka into a paw circle....they got it right away and held paws and hands.  We sang Abide With Me with good voice and sincerity.... Blue sang in a fine baritone and Inka a! awesome harmony! We asked for guidance on this adventure and assistance in knowing the right path to take.

 We packed our gear and said goodbye to Mom and DOD and headed out into the frosty desert night.  I am not sure WHY we chose to leave at night but there we were on the road in the dark and the cold. Inka wanted to know WHY we left the house at night when we could have stayed until morning? Tansy told her I/Me/Robbie was in charge and I/Me/Robbie always decided when and where to go. Love that Tansy!

We walked out onto the frontage road.. The stars were so beautiful and bright. Margaret led the way....Lacey and Inka  held her hands ...and then Me and Hurley and Blue held paws. The Coyotes howled and the Javelinas ran along side us. There is nothing quite like a desert night ...nothing.

We left the highway and cut across to the mountains ....We lifted up our eyes to the hills from whence cometh our help.