me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 20 December 2012

The End of The World...Tomorrow!

It is hard to know what to put in my diary if this is to be my last entry.

According to the Mayan calendar tomorrow is the end of the world . I don't know what time the world will end. Are we going to have to sit around all day and wait like when we are getting ready to go on vacation? Will Mom let us eat all our treats first thing and as many as we want?

Our Gang sat around and contemplated these questions and many others. It is particularly hard having the world end just before Christmas! I know Mom doesn't believe it because she has bought presents and treats...and invited people for dinner on Christmas Eve! But what if she is wrong?

We had a paw circle and shared our next-to-last thoughts and wishes. Lacey wished she had been braver and said if tomorrow was not her last day she was going to be a warrior from now on! Hurley said he wished he had been able to kiss Femme La Flamme just once! If the world doesn't end he is going to send her an e-card and suggest they meet...soon! Tansy said she wished she had bitten some of the people she didn't like and if she alive after tomorrow she is going to stop sugar-coating everything and tell it like it is! Yikes! Margaret doesn't believe any of this and said she is getting ready to go to the food bank with the rest of us tomorrow...And that the end of the world is no excuse for not having wrapped our presents and sent cards!!  Me....I am hoping that if the world does not end that it will at least change and for the better. Hurley's Mom, Scribe, says we have to be the change we want to see in the world and I think she is right. Tomorrow is a new and better beginning!

We sang our favourite songs and held paws and hands late into the night. We are all still here and it is already tomorrow in Australia....tomorrow has come!