me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Day 17 - Playing Santa...not quite.

We are home safe and sound!

What a strange day we had. The drive to Sasabe was along a winding road through peaceful ranch country....very pretty.  A border patrol truck followed us down from Amado but that was sort of comforting. And then some F-16? fighter jets came out to play and buzzed us so low over the car we could see the pilot in the cockpit!!! Geez Murpy this was more than we bargained for.  Lacey started howling for Mom....the rest of us jumped at the windows and bared our teeth at the planes. Margaret looks very threatening when she bares her teeth! The pilot backed off.

Anyway, I think they were just having fun with us (lucky I was over my diarrhea) and the rest of the drive was uneventful.

Next stop the border.

The guards on the American side had lots of guns...big ones and smaller ones. They asked us to get out and said they wanted to search the car. We all jumped out right messing around with these boys. Footballs..check. Hats and scarves....check. Candies....check. Socks filled with ???????? ...OOPS....candies...check (phew)  School writing paper...check.  WE MADE IT!
We gave them a plate of Christmas cookies ( Tansy had bitten a couple but they didn't notice) wished them all Merry Christmas and went a few yards to the Mexican guard place. He smiled...we gave him cookies...all was well.

The streets of Sasabe were the kind made of mud and pot felt like being on a roller-coaster ride! Next stop the school.

 We drove up to the school door... we all jumped out and got our goodies out of the trunk.  But the school was locked and empty! What? They knew we were coming. OMD what now? Not one of us spoke Spanish ( Lucy had a prior engagement, I should have asked her earlier) so we couldn't ask anyone what was going on.

We bumped down the roller coaster road to the Primary school...they were having a great time there. Lots of kids and Moms making Christmas decorations...pinatas...all that good stuff. Lots of dogs too....big ones and small ones...girl dogs and boy dogs. We all did the Mexican sniff and introduced ourselves...dogs speak their own sniff language...sort of like pigeon English. We translate for Margaret who isn't quite into the language.

Seems there had been a big problem at the middle school the day before and all the teachers had run away! Yes, run away never to return. No, they couldn't tell us when the school would be re-opened. We gave the little kids the footballs and climbed back into our car ...sigh.

Back on the roller coaster to the border. Out of the car....check now you know the drill.
We are going to check to see if the school  re-opens on January 7th. If not, we have a plan to get all the middle school kids together to give them our presents in another location.

Oh well...we got to see something different. I have never heard of teachers running away at home but I suspect they might like to some days.

Tansy, Lacey, Hurley, Margaret, what should we do tomorrow?  We are running out of days before Christmas.