me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 16 June 2012

100,000 BTU's

We were outside Fred's hut  at the crack of dawn waiting for the familiar  Vroom, Vroom of the Harleys. Our ears started to freeze..and then our paws...nogarD started looking like an ice sculpture again...and then, we heard them...YES! Our desert friends had come to save the day and our summer.
They skidded through the ice and snow and came to a halt spraying us all with powdered snow ....nogarD looked like a sugar mountain!  And then they jumped off their bikes and we were all hugging and nose to nose. So good to see old and dear friends.

Wrexel said he had heard that Canada was cold but he had no idea it was THIS bad. We took him into Fred's house and explained our problem...we told them how we needed help to un-thaw Margaret and Tansy and explained about Wintascinda and the missing Summascinda.They laughed and thought it was a huge joke! They said no Witch was powerful enough to stop the desert summer from happening (I suspect that is true) and she was not powerful enough to freeze desert dragons! YES! Please let this be true.

In the meantime nogarD thawed out from under his coat of snow and ice and as he shook of the last icicles from his eyes who did he see? guessed it...Femme La Flamme! It was embarrassing to see that big water dragon making eyes and sighing after a fire-breathing lady desert dragon. I tried to have a word with him about mixed marriages but the poor boy was smitten and could not/would not listen.

And then there was poor Hurley, he had been waiting patiently for the woman? of his dreams to show up and here he was being challenged by an over-sized Salamander!!  Oh Good heavens, I don't want any fisticuffs or pawsticuffs!  We have to help Margaret and Tansy...NOW!

I got the Gang and the Dragons organized and we headed off into the blizzard. Fred came with us and brought his axe 'just in case'...eek, I hope not! We  re-traced our path as best we could, everything so looked different again in the deep, drifted snow. Hurley was tracking, Dusty was listening,  I was leading... and Lacey kept stopping to howl and say she wanted to go home! Phew!

There they were right where we had left them! ..Margaret and Tansy, two frozen statues but much larger than normal under layers and layers of ice and snow.

To tell the truth I am very worried and I know the others are too. Will they have survived this grueling cold? Oh please Dear Spirit in the Sky ...Please let our Dear Friends Margaret and Tansy  be alive and well.

Wrexel, Weezle# and Weezle@ and Femme rushed over to our beloved frozen friends...Wrexel gave the command  ..'At the count of 3 ..crank up 100,000 BTU's'. ...the dragons nodded and blue flames came shooting out of their mouths right onto Margaret and Tansy. I have a sinking feeling even if they have survived being frozen they may not survive being barbecued!

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Hurley and nogarD circling each other...and Wintascinda stomping down the path!

Can I get us out of this one???


  1. DUSTY: I'm trusting your leadership skills to deal with all these problems, Robbie... once Margaret and Tansy are safely thawed. HURLEY: *knees knocking, wondering why he got into this situation, over a woman?*

    1. I hope I have leadership skills Dusty where love triangles are concerned. I have heard that things can get hot and heavy (especially with a fire breather) in these situations. I am hoping Hurley will settle for a soup bone, have a good chew and forget Femme!

    2. And I have to get on with this blog tomorrow at the latest. I just know how cranky Margaret and Tansy are going to be with me for delaying the next installment.