me, Saturna Robbie

Thursday, 15 March 2012


Big Black Pancho (BBP) ran and ran...I almost tripped over my tongue twice I was panting so hard! It got cooler as we went higher into the mountains but some of the dogs who were not in as good a shape as myself were having a hard time keeping up....actually, I must tell the truth, we were all having a tough time keeping up! We got so high up that there were in patches of snow on the ground....OH how good it felt on paws and feet and so cooling to the tongue. The snow was white and clean and we chewed it like candy to ease our thirst.

BBP called us to order and told us of his plan (he is the leader for this part of my adventure diary) to get the dogs (and us) to safety via the underground dog railway. Well that plan was right up our alley. We told him how we had ridden the rails (we left out the ghost train part) and then we told him of our Dog's Town on Chip-chap-tiqulk Island off the West Coast of Canada (For those of who who have just joined Hurley's Angels adventures,  Chip-chap-tiqulk means Animal People in the Salish Indian language for the Indians believed that Animals are people). BBP explained that the underground dog railway wasn't a train, it was a way to transport dogs to safety with 'safe' places and trusted friends to help along the way. But, he was really interested in our Dog's Town and Priscinda and Wozart who were back at home setting it up for us, and he said if he could arrange for 'conductors' along the way that is where he would like to take the dogs.

Things were happening so quickly and we had not had time to think about anything, we thought it best to have a paw circle. We joined paws and hands and each spoke what was on our mind. Tansy said she was very impressed with BBP. Hurley replied we were all well aware of THAT! Margaret thought we might be better returning to Tubac if we could find our way back and waiting there. Dusty said it would be a great adventure to be with the dogs on the underground railway. Lacey said she wanted  Mom. They all agreed they would go along with my decision. Oh is so difficult being a leader and especially one that gets into such scrapes.

And we have to find Mom and DOD....SOON!  What to do??