me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 16 December 2011

A Sunny Day

Today was sunny and warm in Tubac. Me and Lacey had a good day in the sunshine. First, DOD and then Mom, took us for a walk....we are always petted and made a fuss of. Mom took us into town and we were allowed in a shop...the owner gave us treats and said how cute we were. I took it all in stride having heard  it before...but it went to Lacey's head and she started acting up and being a Prima Donna.Mom had to drag her out of the was not a pretty sight!

We are getting our roof fixed. We had Mexican guys up on the roof installing new tiles...Me and Lacey are happy about this as we were worried that the tiles by the chimney were not safe for Santa! Sandi says that Santa does not have our new address.... but we know this cannot be true.......can it????  How do I get our new Desert address to Santa? I bet Tansy will know!!