me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 12 November 2011


Today is DOD's birthday and I have planned a special day for him! First, I will let him make a special breakfast for me and Lacey....we will jump on him and give him nose-to-nose kisses. And then, we will take him on a very special and long walk. After that, he can rest for a while until later in the day when we will repeat the whole exciting itinerary! He will be so pleased with us.

We have had a very normal sort of couple of days with no real adventures to tell you about. The weather has not been so great....cloudy and not as warm as it should be. Still it could be worse so I try not to complain...but Mom did promise we would have nothing but sunshine so I am letting her know this is not to my satisfaction.

Mom has been training us to stay in the house by ourselves. Lacey is a bit nervous until I tell her (as I do every time they leave) that they will always come back. We have a leather sofa and love seat ...Lacey's favourite....but she seems to have given up her bad behaviour (paws crossed).