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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Meanwhile, back at the Salamander Pond...

I rushed right over to say Hello to nogarD.....boy was he pleased to see me!

The water levels have dropped a lot while I have been gone, so I thought it was time I did a scientific test of the depth. I asked Hugie if I could borrow his little is very small and I can almost manage it by myself. I let the breeze take me to the middle of the pond.....past all the bullrushes and the Salamander houses....The Dragon Flies (they are nogarD's fairy cousins) guided me to the very deepest part where nogarD lives.

I had a long piece of string that I got from DOD.... and nogarD helped me to tie a rock on the end of it. We tossed the rock over the side of the boat (I was very careful not to let it drop on nogarD or his house) and waited 'til it hit bottom. Then I hauled it up and checked how much of the string was wet.

Using this precise and scientific method I determined that it was about twelve feet deep! In the winter it is double that! Both nogarD and myself are worried as we have another month or more of dry weather before the rains return and the pond will re-fill.

I noticed that nogarD has grown a lot in the short time since I saw him last. I have not changed, nor have any of my friends and humans so it must be a Dragon thing to grow like mad. I am not sure he will fit into the bathtub if he keeps this up.

I must ask Margaret and Tansy and Dusty and Hurley what they think I should do for my friend. We need all heads to come up with a plan. HELP!

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