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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

A Long Way From Home

Mom and DOD feel far away from me now.

Mom sends notes and texts to me so I know what they are doing ....but I find it hard to keep in touch as she is my secretary and I am lost without her!

Today they are on the road to Arizona......hopefully, the dust will have settled before they get there.

I will spend my day on the job with Harvey......a little plumbing a little internet stuff. It is warm and sunny and I like it......

Later today, when I have finished my paid job I will chat with my friends Margaret and Tansy, Raymond, Lynne and Furiends Dusty and Hurley. Dusty and Hurley's Scribe is going to tell me more about singing Dust Bunnies and setting up a choir.

It is a good day in the neighbourhood!!
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