me, Saturna Robbie

Friday, 17 June 2011

Is it grass cutting time?

I wonder when Jacques will come and cut our hay? It is getting so high now that I cannot see where I am going...I cannot see where the critters are...I cannot see anything, the grass is taller than me!

I love the smell of new mown hay, I like that word 'mown' doesn't come up in my dictionary but I think it is a real word. Do YOU make up words that sound right?? Oh yes, where was I?  Right, I was in the hay.... I am so happy burrowing in the piles of grass looking for mice and other critters. I roll in hay! It is warm and dry and has all the scents of birds and bees and insects makes the air smell nice and sweet for miles around. Hay is for animals in winter when all the grass is asleep, without it they would go hungry.

The photo is of me on the trail leading to the meadow....Jacques cannot cut hay on the trail because it is too narrow for the tractor.

Hay is a good thing!  When will Jacques come???