me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Green Green Grass of Home

As I have mentioned before, I like a trip into town. I get to see what is in style...what the well-groomed dogs are wearing this year...and I get to see all the cute city girl dogs with their spiffy hair-do's. But the very best part of going into town is coming HOME!

We wave to all the people in the ferry line-up as we drive off the ferry, and all the people wave at us. Then we drive up the hill to Old Point quiet. The Deer stand and look at me and I bark menacingly at them. They don't move....they twitch their ears and tails at me to say 'hello.

I race in my yard and check for critters....none today ...GOOD!  Then I race in the house and check my wooden duck for one of my treats.....Mmm...Mmmm. Mom makes me dinner, one of the specials I like the best.
All finished. Time for a rest. 

So good to be home!