me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Goods and Bummers!

Going to be a GOOD day!
I am planning out my day. It is another cloudy day so that means I will not be rolling in the grass in the sunshine....Bummer! mom and DOD are getting ready for Lamb BBQ...this could be a 'good' if they take me to the site and let me race around....Good!  DOD is getting his jacket and taking me on a walk...Good!  mom has topped up my wooden treat Duck...Good! mom says we are going on a long walk this afternoon to the Salamander pond....GOOD! Skeena will come over to visit me later and steal my treats....Bummer!

Hmmm...I added it all up...4 Goods to 2 bummers.....and lots of the day left for more GOODS. I think it will be a GOOD day!