me, Saturna Robbie

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Back at the Salamander Pond

The Salalmander pond is a busy place today. Little yellow birds are having a bath along the edge of the pond.....they wash under their wings with their beaks and then they shake all their feathers... just like I shake after a bath! Hundreds and hundreds of Insects are bouncing up and down on the surface of the pond. The birds that have finished bathing are darting and diving to catch the insects. The Salamanders are paddling around and up and down with their little webbed feet and Dragon Flies on gossamer wings are playing fun games of tag.

What I am really curious about is the way the mud keeps getting stirred up on the bottom of the pond. I wonder what water creature lives down in the deepest part? I wonder if it is maybe a little water dragon?? I think if we have Dragon Flies we could have Pond Dragons too! Do you know the song about Puff the magic Dragon? Well, he lived by the sea and I live by the sea. But the sea is such a big and dangerous place for little creatures that maybe, when dragons are little, they live in ponds!!!

I am going to sit very quiet and still and see if he comes to the surface. If he does,I will ask him if he would like to be my friend. I will call him Nogard which is Dragon backwards...I think he will like that!