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Monday, 23 May 2011

My New Diary

I remembered today that mom had started this blog for me over a year ago. I forgot about it.....but today seems a good to start a new Diary.
Today is a holiday mom tells is sort of sunny and still very cool.
The neighbours are here visiting...I haven't seen them for months and I am sure there are more of them than usual. I have been barking at them all morning! mom is getting upset with me of course...but she should think it could be a gang of burglars....she doesn't know who they are either!!!!
I had a good walk with DOD, he is on a fitness kick (which is good) so I get lots of exercise. I will do my afternoon walk with mom soon.
A big eagle has been hanging around since early this morning. Now normally I don't mind birds but this guy is huge and I have to let him know who is boss around here.

Back from my walk. We did the meadow and the Salamander pond...then we walked back home down the pump-house trail.
Time for a nap!

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