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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

My Family

I have a mom and a Dear Old Dad (DOD)
I am an only dog right now. I had a Sister, a Sharpei named Oreo but she went to the big kennel in the sky and I have spent the last few years alone with mom and DOD.
I am a mature dog and I like to make my own decisions and decide for myself what I should do and when and what I should eat..and when!
I have three adopted families who I stay with when mom and DOD leave the Island. My usual place is with Pam and Harvey and Reggie their dog. Harvey is the local Plumber and when I am with him I am his assistant. Harvey is Cool...he lets me run around and do what I want. My back up place is with Hugh and Barbra...they don't have a dog and Barbra has 'rules'... but they are very good to me and have lots of treats. And then there is Sandi.....she lives down in the Valley . Often Reggie and I both go to Sandi's when both Pam and Harvey AND mom and DOD are off-Island. Sandi has treats and lets me sit on her lap....she is my Facebook friend too. She also has lots of treats.
I will write more when I think of something.....

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