me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Humming Birds

I laid out on the deck today with my eyes closed...well only one eye closed the other watching for Otters when three little humming birds whirred by and decided to play with me. They were not the brightly coloured kinds of humming, these were rather mousy and very tiny. At first I was startled thinking that I was being dive-bombed by large killer Bees...but then I heard their silvery high laughter and I knew they were friendly. We played games of tag and follow-the-leader...I tried to fly! They laughed harder and hovered over my head trying to show me how to lift off. I think I would have made it but I suddenly remembered that dogs don't have front (or back feet for that matter) will not whirr!

The three little birds sat down on the flowers and told me stories of their lives. I will tell them to you one day.