me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Meeting Gon-ba-mo

Isn't it wonderful how stories, songs, prayers and Dear Friends keep dogs and humans free from fear and anxiety? We forgot our cold feet and empty tummies as we listened to our friends tell their stories. Now many of you have asked me for MY story but I am not being modest when I tell you I really don't have one compared to my Gang friends.

I was born in Duncan on Vancouver Island and Mom and DOD came and got me when I was a puppy. They took me to Saturna Island where I have lived ever since (when I am not in Arizona or out on an adventure) Of course I have traveled to many countries by magic and made many friends, dogs, humans, ghosts, witches, elves, dragons and faeries from every walk of life and every world. I have been blessed.

Anyway, here we are on a mountain ledge somewhere in the high Himalayas inching our way toward what we hope is a village. Bells are ringing and voices are chanting....

And then, we heard barking! We looked at each it was not one of us.... I was worried for a moment that one of us had gone barking can happen to dogs and humans. We strained our eyes and peered into the fading light ...a little snow-covered dog came into view. He/She/it shook itself and it looked just like Bond. 'Hawwoooo', it called and again 'Hawwooo'. Margaret said 'it is trying to say Hello but it has an accent, lets all say Hello right back'. And so we did, in unison and loudly. HELLO! The little black and white dog laughed and ran toward us.

My name is Gon-ba-mo she said (she spoke a language we could all understand albeit with a strange accent) I am a girl dog and I am magical....that's what my name means. Who are you she asked? So we introduced ourselves one by one calling out our names over the sound of the howling wind.  She was very surprised at how we were all so different in size and colour (or at least the colour she could see as we were now mostly white) and she said she had never seen Margaret's Breed before. Bond was the only dog she recognized and she gave him a big smile and a wink. She wanted to know how we had got to the mountain pass as she told us no dog nor human had come from the outside for centuries. We told her we would tell all later but at this time we were too tired and cold to have a conversation and we would all fall off the mountain and die if she couldn't help us.

Follow me, she said and Bond took her curly tail in his mouth and we followed her.