me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Where in the World?

We are a Gang looking for an adventure. Where should we go? Where are we needed? Who should we rescue? In spite of our international reputation and a one hundred percent success rate in all of our undertakings we do not have another assignment lined up. I suspect that people think that we are too popular to undertake small adventures....

I do not like this sitting around waiting for a call. The Gang do not like it either. We start to get on each others nerves and snarl and growl at each other. I want to post an advertisement on Craig's List or in the New York Times or The Times of London, advertising our availability and expertise in all areas of problem solving, travel guiding, treasure hunting, law enforcement, magic, climate change, wedding arranging, marriage counseling, and financial advice to animal and human clients.

We got together for a paw circle and all agreed that using the internet to advertise is where it is at. We think that will help get us some interesting offers. Tansy and Lacey want to advertise on a dating site to see what/who is out there looking for girl dogs...Margaret, Hurley and I nixed that. ..we do not want to attract Dog Juans.

So if you are reading this diary...where ever in the world you live.... and if you have any suggestions or need of the services of Hurley's Angels please email

I will answer all inquires.