me, Saturna Robbie

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Back to the Wedding....

Back to the wedding....

Let me set the scene again. We have a Bride...A mad fire spitting  Bride...we have a Groom.. albeit underage and passed out. We have a Minister performing/halting the ceremony...we are hot and tired..

Next Scene:  Margaret stood her ground and refused to continue with the ceremony. We dogs circled nogarD and refused to let Femme near him. It was obvious that we were headed for a showdown.

I heard Dusty call from the Rainbow Bridge...he sounded far away but I heard him clearly, he said ..'Robbie find out what she wants'!  What a good idea. I mean she cannot be in love with this big teenage galoot with gas.

I left the circle and walked over to Femme....Margaret followed me. 'What is it you want'  we asked? Femme lowered her eyes and looked shamefaced.....a tear trickled down her cheeks. She sat down with a thump in the sand and said..' I want to live on the Gulf Islands and run my own taco stand'.
'I am tired of the desert and being a biker moll'..' I want to be respectable and part of a community that cares...'I want to live in wind and rain and stay forever young in the pacific air'.  ' I promise I will be good to nogarD and love him like a son'.


Margaret told Femme she didn't have to get married to live on the Gulf one hardly gets married to live there. ..she said we would sponsor Femme and help her set up her Taco stand wherever she wanted to be. We told her the tourists would be enchanted with a fire breathing dragon selling breath toasted tacos at the ferry terminals  (we have had dragon ladies on our islands before but none could make anything but hot words with their breath).

The Finale: The rest of the Gang sensed a breakthrough and came and sat with us... nogarD came out of his faint and staggered over....the desert dragons joined the circle along with Wozart and Priscinda. We remembered that we were family and that we had shared much together in our adventures. Instead of fighting and arguing we agreed to pull together...all for one and one for all. Instead of a wedding we decided to have a party right then and there. The dragons began to play a waltz....we partnered up and danced under the stars....Margaret and Wrexel..Tansy and Weezle#...Lacey and Weezle@....Femme and Hurley...Priscinda and Wozart and Me and nogarD (yes a little odd but what the heck). Dusty joined in from the Rainbow Bridge.

We were still dancing and singing when the sun came up.

I wonder when and where our next adventure will take Hurley's Angels?