me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

The Pub

DOD and mom and I went to the Pub tonight. The Pub is managed by Ian and his wife Rachel...Ian is a Chef type and Rachel is an author. Mom says Rachel's books are good... she Rachel, has written three books I think.

Tonight an Island book club was meeting at the Pub and in between serving food Rachel was meeting with the Book Club and discussing her book. But that isn't what impressed me...what impressed me was the way Rachel talked about her dog Fergie, who recently went to the Rainbow Bridge. Rachel loved Fergie so very much....and she is so sad without is Ian. They are so sad in fact that they want to adopt a dog who needs love as much as they need to give it!  Fergie, who is waiting on the Rainbow Bridge, is very proud of them for rescuing one of her friends....she  knows it will make Ian and Rachel smile again.

Fergie you are the best!