me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Frog or?

A little green frog has moved into my garden. He (I think he is a He) is tiny ...not even as big as one inch and bright emerald green with little black webbed feet and sparkling black eyes. I think he likes me because he always jumps to where I am sitting and watches me.... He can jump very high and very far for such a little frog.
I don't understand Frog language but I know he is trying to tell me something ....and I think he does not understand Dog either. Still, if we work at it I am sure we will be able to communicate in time.

I think he wants to tell me he is a little Prince cast into a frog's body many years ago by an evil witch or elf. I am already checking my Island for a Princess who may be able to save him with a kiss.

If you are a Princess let me know.