me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 25 June 2011


I saw a beautiful hairy caterpillar today. She had long spikey hair of black and white and red and when I touched her with my nose she curled into a little hairy ball.

And then I got to thinking that this caterpillar will one day be a beautiful butterfly! How wonderful this is. She will wrap herself in a blanket that she spins herself and then she will change and change from caterpillar with a fat hairy body and lots of legs into something beautiful with wings.... and she will fly on the summer breeze and perch on flowers.

I know other creatures change as well....tadpoles turn into frogs and dragon flies are sort of like under-water caterpillars before they turn into beautiful flying insects.

I was born a dog and I am still a dog. I asked mom and she said she has always been a human.....she only changed like me from small to big.

I find it hard just to change a stopping rolling in Otter poo how can I change my whole body?.....I would like to fly!

I am going to wrap myself in my blanket and concentrate on growing wings!