me, Saturna Robbie

Wednesday, 29 June 2011


My good friends Margaret and Tansy asked me if I think a wicked Witch stole our summer.  You know, I had not considered that possibility..but now that they mention it, I think it is the case! I have not had much experience with Witches (well actually, I have not had any!) but I am going to track down the wicked Witch and get her to give back our summer.

On the trail of wicked witches
I will try to pick up her scent. Tansy tells me to be very careful to get the right scent...she says that white witches are very different than black witches. I have asked mom if she can tell the difference, but she says no she has never scented either one.....this could be tricky.

I will go into the enchanted forest past the special sign post pointing deep into the forest where the wicked witch lives. See how it points to the left and shows the way far off the path? I will have to be very careful not to get lost. Of course, I will have mom with me, I would not go deep into the forest all alone.

I don't quite know yet what I will say if I find her.... I wish I knew her name. I think her name is Wichitakasummer ....I just made that up but I think it suits a summer-stealing witch.

Tansy is saying Abracadabras for me back at her house....Margaret too. I hope they work!

What do you think a little white dog should say to a Witch to make her give our summer back??