me, Saturna Robbie

Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Elves House

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This is the house where the elves live.
 Mom and  I went for  a walk along Tanya's trail and I spied a little man wearing a green jacket and a red cap with a white feather. He had a white beard and he was walking with a stick but he didn't look old....he was dancing on the trail and kicking his heels together.  He hid when he heard us coming, but I think if you look closely enough you may see him peeping round the the side of his house.
I looked in the door but all I could  see was a  tiny room with a table and four chairs...and I think I saw a  little stove in the corner for keeping them warm in the winter. I told  mom to have a look but I don't think adult humans can see thought I was looking for Otters or Raccoons!!
I really wanted to go inside abut I was too big to get through the door!!